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Our bio company

Podere Serraglio is our family company. All of our productions grow in a really special area of Apulia named Tavoliere delle Puglie, in the countryside of the beautiful city of San Severo. Our story begins in the ’70s when Don Enrico Cassano buys the land property. The love for the countryside and for high-quality primary productions leads Don Enrico to share with his son Lorenzo and the rest of the family, the bond with the farm and its wine and cereal productions.

In 2018, Podere Serraglio has chosen to become a promoter of the circular and healthy economy, giving absolute priority to the quality of the products. The company has not chosen the hyper production model of the typical industrial realities, preserving its identity as a small artisanal producer, interested in the environmental issues promoted by the UN 2030 Agenda.

It thus becomes a Bio company that today follows the transformation of raw materials into finished products step by step, with a rigorous protocol, ensuring superior and ethical quality.

In fact, the organic philosophy of Podere Serraglio only provides for the use of guaranteed products. This respectful attitude for the land but also for the protected fauna that inhabits it, and for environments, protects the biological integrity of wheat and olives. The skilled hands of Leonardo, our farmer, are aware of the time needed for the grains to ripen in the sun, and the art of olive harvesting.

Podere Serraglio scrupulously adheres to what is reported in COMMUNITY Reg. 834/07 and is certified by the “Suolo e Salute” Control Body.